First bullfinch? (Nope!) (...erm, I mean Yep!)

A frantic cry from Jen in the kitchen. She had just seen a strange bird on the feeder, but it had flown away by the time I got there.

Jen then proceeded to give a pretty good description of the bird, which I confidently identified as a bullfinch. By no means a rare bird, but not seen before in our garden, nestling just below the Pennine moors.

Postscript (09-Jun-2011): I have now seen the bullfinch. It was actually a male linnet:

Male linnet
Male linnet.

… Still a first for our garden, though!

Postscript 2 (11-Jun-2011): Erm… Turns out it was a bullfinch after all. I just spotted a pair of them on our bird table. Fantastic! Unfortunately, by the time I returned with my camera, they had gone.

… So, that's two new bird species in our garden in the same week! How good is that?

Postscript 3 (11-Jun-2011): I did eventually manage to get some bullfinch photos.

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