Two raptors

Spotted a little owl on a telegraph wire above Cragg Vale on my way into work this morning. I've seen it there several times before, but never seem to have my camera to hand.

Drinking tea with Dad in his garden in the late afternoon, I spotted a buzzard being mobbed by a pair of carrion crows. It flew right over us, very low. A fantastic spectacle.

Dad was worried for Molly, who was playing with her ball on the lawn. I think a cocker spaniel might be just a little too big for a buzzard, but you never know.

One thought on “Two raptors

  1. Am glad that I stumbled across your site !! I live in a village near York and for the past few nights I have seen Swallows (or maybe House Martins..) flying over head in what seems to be a figure of 8 configuration.. I am completely baffled as to what is causing this behavior.. does anyone have any thoughts?

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