Lizard? In Yorkshire?

Went on the Moor Walk for the first time in several months. Glorious weather. So glorious that I wore my shorts! And not a single other soul on the moor—I had it all to myself.

At the gate at the start of the moor, I spotted a magnificent male linnet: as red as I have ever seen.

Male linnet
Male linnet.

No sign of any red grouse today, but there were loads of meadow pipits, a kestrel, a couple of rabbits, and quite possibly a lizard!

I can't be 100% sure about the lizard, as I only spotted it fleetingly out of the corner of my eye, as it ran across the track two feet in front of me and disappeared into the heather. But I can't think what else it might have been: it definitely had a saurian jizz about it. And, last Saturday evening, I heard at the farm that someone else had seen a lizard on the moor last week.

Lizards in Yorkshire. Who'd have thought it?

Meadow pipit
Meadow pipit.

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  1. I was walking on the Cleveland Way near Guisborough and the path was near a marsh when something orange kind of hopped across the path, could it have been a lizard as it had a long thin body (about 4") but i didn't see its head?

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