Swallows at sunset

There were masses of swallows around just before sunset this evening. They were hunting low, just above the grass in the front field, and seemed to be enjoying themselves chasing each other. I'm guessing a lot of them were recent fledglings.

Although it's only mid-August, it's already starting to feel a bit back-endish. When swallows start to gather, summer is on the way out. Must make the most of them while we can!

One thought on “Swallows at sunset

  1. There is definitely an air of Autumn fast approaching here in Sweden. On Sunday evening, we saw the largest number of Swifts flying over Kista we had yet seen this Summer but nothing yesterday. I have been marking the days in my diary when we see them so that I have a record of (approximately) how long their stay up here is - not quite as detailed as Gilbert White but like him I shall be very sad when they have gone.

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