Our 48th garden bird species

Ten years we've been at here, and we just spotted our first ever willow warbler in the garden. I know they're not exactly rare birds, but they are around here!

We couldn't believe our luck. It came right up to the patio door we were watching it through and actually perched on the sill, totally oblivious that we were there. Close enough to make quite sure that it didn't have the dark legs of a chiffchaff. A beautiful, olive green bird with dark eye-stripe and light eye-brow.

I sneaked upstairs for my camera, obviously. And, equally obviously, by the time I returned, the bird had disappeared!

In celebration of the 48th bird species spotted in/from our garden (excluding the neighbours' assorted poultry and grey parrot!), I have added a full garden bird list to this website.

I guess that officially makes me a bird nerd.

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