It seems that wheatears are not the only passage migrants around at the moment. There were over 30 goldfinches hanging about the feeder in our garden this morning. Such exotic birds. Very un-British.

No photos this time, so here is one I took earlier:

A charm of goldfinches last month.

2 thoughts on “Charm

  1. Up here in kista, John and I have noticed an large influx of Fieldfares and Wawings over the weekend. I think that these birds have come from further North, as 'our' Fieldfares seem to have been absent for a few weeks. These Fieldfares are even more lively and vocal than normal and are absolutely gorging themselves on berries. Feeding up before heading off to Blighty?

  2. No fieldfares or redwings seen here yet - although they have been spotted elsewhere in the UK. We usually get quite a few in the field in front of our house for a few days each winter.

    I was disappointed to miss out on the UK waxwing mega-fest last winter. I have only seen waxwings once, when they visited the honeysuckle in our garden when I was about eight!

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