Afterthought on late wheatears

It has just occurred to me that the 'late' wheatears I have been seeing on the moor lately are probably passage migrants, travelling down to Africa from Iceland and Greenland. I have just read up on wheatears in Ian Newton's book Bird Migration, and the general timing seems to be correct. Apparently, the Greenland race of Northern Wheatear is slightly larger than the ones which breed in Britain (which makes perfect sense).

A wheatear last week.

Wheatear migration turns out to be a fascinating subject, which I needed to know more about for a top secret project I am working on.

4 thoughts on “Afterthought on late wheatears

  1. Good comment on the Wheatears. I love it when observation and reading lead to greater personal understanding.

    p.s. Secret???? when do we find out what you are up to?

  2. Brilliant! please put me down for a copy in advance unless it is about engineering...

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