They're back!

After the wettest April on record, the final day of the month dawned spectacularly gorgeous.

A quick trip into Hebden Bridge, where I saw a pair of dippers chasing each other along Hebden Water, then back home and on to the Moor.

Guess who's back?

Male Wheatear.

I saw three wheatears in all. Two males and a female. The males didn't seem to be hitting it off. As ever, the birds flitted along the path in front of me, always keeping just a little too far away for some really close-up photos. They are such teases.

Dippers and wheatears: two of my favourite birds in the same morning. Come on, Spring, get your act together!

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4 thoughts on “They're back!

  1. The Wheatears have reached Sweden as well! John saw our first as he walked to the office on the first of May and I saw it about Lunchtime. I am looking forward to the return of the Swifts - last year they reached Kista on the 19th May.

  2. I am just writing about this wheatear encounter in the first draft of my planned book. There is already a whole chapter about them, but I could not leave their return to Blighty unremarked. It is so good to have them back.

  3. I am looking forward to finding out more about your book. How is it going and when can I put my order in?

  4. The book is progressing slowly but surely. I am nearing the end of my first draft - about 64,000 words so far.

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