Jen in a blizzard
Jen, Arctic Explorer.

Jen and I have continued our regular  walks around the Nook Circuit this week. It has been extremely cold, and extremely icy. But we managed to avoid snow until this afternoon.

Walking into the blizzard made looking where we were going very uncomfortable, so we didn't see much. But, as we emerged from the Carr Track, we turned uphill out of the wind. Scores of rooks and jackdaws were wheeling above the house in the driving snow: a black blizzard in a white blizzard.

Then, en masse they landed in our sycamore. By the time I raised my camera, however, they were flying down into the field, looking for somewhere better to shelter.

Rooks and jackdaws
Rooks and jackdaws alighting from our sycamore.

Footnote: This is the 100th Life's Grandeur post.

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