Errant grouse

I went for a walk on the Moor on Saturday afternoon: my first of 2013. As you might expect in early February, there wasn't an awful lot going on, but there were quite a few pairs of grouse about:

Red Grouse
A brace of red grouse.
More grouse
Another brace.

In the latest draft of my book, I write:

The northern moorlands are Red Grouse Central. These game birds live on heather, and are reluctant in the extreme to leave the moors. […] I have never even seen one in the fields adjacent to the Moor: if there is no heather, they are simply not interested.

Imagine my surprise on Saturday, therefore, when I spotted a grouse flying over one of the aforementioned fields. OK, it was only off the Moor by about 10 metres, but I never thought I'd see the day:

A grouse flying over a field!!

It was good to get back up onto the Moor. It had been far too long.

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