A sign of spring

I needed to drop something off at the farm this afternoon, so I decided to walk the Nook Circuit. It was bitterly cold, but wonderfully fresh.

Greenfinches taking flight
Greenfinches taking flight in light snow

Back at the house, I noticed that we have some more gelatinous blobs (star jelly) just a few feet away from where the last batch appeared. I'm now semi-convinced that moles must be behind them. There has been a lot of mole activity under that patch of lawn recently. I'm guessing the blobs are discarded food. Slug mucus, maybe.

Star jelly
Star Jelly

I was just heading in for a brew, when something caught me ear. For a second, I thought I'd imagined it. But there it was again—no mistaking it this time—the call of a curlew. And then it was answered by another nearby. The calls continued for a couple of minutes, then the two birds took off together and headed off in the direction of the Moor.

Curlews! Might Spring really be on its way?

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