A case of mistaken identity

I lay in bed yesterday morning, listening to a curlew calling from the field in front of our house.

It was calling again this morning as I went to open the gate in the unforecasted snow. So I sneaked round to have a peek. It turned out not to be a curlew at all, but a starling in our cherry tree doing a very passable impersonation (imbirdation?) of a curlew. They are impressive mimics.

Then, as I went to open the garage door, I heard my first lapwing of the year calling from somewhere in the fields behind the house.

Well, I say it was a lapwing, but, for all I know, it was another starling.

Postscript (2 hours later): I've just seen it. Definitely a lapwing. It's great to have them back! Now, if it would only stop snowing, it might begin to feel a bit more like Spring.

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