Grange Over Sands

I had a day-trip to Grange Over Sands on Saturday to watch my friend Mike launch the wooden kayak he has just finished building (with a little help from a professional boat-builder). Around 20 of Mike's friends turned up to watch him splash a small bottle of champagne over the bow of Lynne, named in memory of his long-term partner, and wife of only a few months, who died after a long illness last year.

Kayak launch
Mike names his kayak.
Kayak launch
It floats!

Some of Mike's more adventurous friends had brought boats of their own along, so, while they made a brief tour of the Kent Estuary, the rest of us hung around eating pork pies and drinking champagne (a classic combination). I'm sure Lynne would have been very pleased. She was a nice lady.

Grange Over Sands
Canoeists off Grange Over Sands.
Grange Over Sands
Grange Over Sands.
Herring gull
Herring gull.

Oh, and I saw my first swift of the summer, not far from Skipton. It made me happier than was strictly reasonable.

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  1. Swifts! Swifts! Swifts! Ok so maybe I shouldn't have said this at the top of my voice as I sat in a beer garden on the centre of York this evening. However, it would have taken a heart of stone not to rejoice at the first sighting of this wonderful bird that graces our city skies. I do apologise to the couple sitting next to us (reading the Guardian) who may have been slightly perturbed....

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