Dipping out

Six months without an update. The truth is, I've been busy with other projects, so this natural history journal has suffered. I've still been going out and enjoying the British countryside, but I just haven't made sufficient time to write up what I saw. Not even this lovely dipper that I photographed last week:

Dipper, Colden Water
A dipper on Colden Water last Friday.


So I think it's about time I made it official and placed this website in indefinite hiatus. Life's Grandeur is a cool domain name, so I might well return to it one day with some exciting new project, but, in the meantime, if you want to follow my latest exploits in the natural world, you could do worse than follow my Nature photography set on Flickr, or my writing on richardcarter.com. Oh, and if you enjoy the natural world, you'll probably enjoy my Nature Writing Flipboard magazine (and/or the corresponding Nature Writing Facebook page). But feel free to follow any or all of my other web presences.

Thank you for appreciating Life's Grandeur.

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