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Dad's feeder

Dad recently resurrected his old bird feeders. Mum would have been delighted: she took her bird-feeding very seriously.

Some snaps taken at Dad's feeder yesterday evening:

Male bullfinch
Male bullfinch

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A sign of spring

I needed to drop something off at the farm this afternoon, so I decided to walk the Nook Circuit. It was bitterly cold, but wonderfully fresh.

Greenfinches taking flight
Greenfinches taking flight in light snow

Back at the house, I noticed that we have some more gelatinous blobs (star jelly) just a few feet away from where the last batch appeared. I'm now semi-convinced that moles must be behind them. There has been a lot of mole activity under that patch of lawn recently. I'm guessing the blobs are discarded food. Slug mucus, maybe.

Star jelly
Star Jelly

I was just heading in for a brew, when something caught me ear. For a second, I thought I'd imagined it. But there it was again—no mistaking it this time—the call of a curlew. And then it was answered by another nearby. The calls continued for a couple of minutes, then the two birds took off together and headed off in the direction of the Moor.

Curlews! Might Spring really be on its way?

Dawn chorus

I was wide awake in bed at 5am as the dawn chorus began this morning. Mum used to say that the dawn chorus always begins with a lone blackbird. That was certainly the case this morning. It was joined about ten minutes later by a goldfinch, then greenfinches, a dunnock, chaffinches and a robin.

The dawn chorus up here in the bleak Pennines is nothing like the ones of my childhood in the leafy Wirral, but it’s still pretty spectacular, once it gets going.


We have a garden full of fledglings at the moment. Mainly blue tits and great tits, but also the odd greenfinch and hedge sparrow (or dunnock, as we're supposed to call them these days). They are creating one hell of a racket.

Fortunately for me (but potentially disastrously for them), some of the fledglings haven't quite got their heads around the concept of immediately flying away and hiding when something bigger than them appears. So I managed to get quite close to them with my camera:

Blue tit fledglings
Blue tit fledglings.

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