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Catching up (January 2014)

I haven't posted any updates here for a couple of months, but I have been visiting Burton Marshes pretty much every week. During this time, two storm-surges have flooded the marshes, introducing new temporary lakes—much to the delight of the local wildfowl. I've also managed to get quite close to a pair of stonechats on a number of occasions, and taken some pretty nice photos.

Anyhow, without further commentary, here is a selection of photographs from Burton Marshes over the last couple of months (in chronological order):

Flock of teal, Burton Marshes.

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Catching up

I'm a bit behind with this journal, so a quick catch-up:

I went for a walk on the Moor in search of sundews the other week, and wrote about it here.

Then I had a go at photographing butterflies in my garden:

Green-veined White butterfly.

Then I took a short walk at Burton Marshes: Continue reading Catching up

Lizard? In Yorkshire?

Went on the Moor Walk for the first time in several months. Glorious weather. So glorious that I wore my shorts! And not a single other soul on the moor—I had it all to myself.

At the gate at the start of the moor, I spotted a magnificent male linnet: as red as I have ever seen.

Male linnet
Male linnet.

No sign of any red grouse today, but there were loads of meadow pipits, a kestrel, a couple of rabbits, and quite possibly a lizard!

I can't be 100% sure about the lizard, as I only spotted it fleetingly out of the corner of my eye, as it ran across the track two feet in front of me and disappeared into the heather. But I can't think what else it might have been: it definitely had a saurian jizz about it. And, last Saturday evening, I heard at the farm that someone else had seen a lizard on the moor last week.

Lizards in Yorkshire. Who'd have thought it?

Meadow pipit
Meadow pipit.

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First bullfinch? (Nope!) (...erm, I mean Yep!)

A frantic cry from Jen in the kitchen. She had just seen a strange bird on the feeder, but it had flown away by the time I got there.

Jen then proceeded to give a pretty good description of the bird, which I confidently identified as a bullfinch. By no means a rare bird, but not seen before in our garden, nestling just below the Pennine moors.

Postscript (09-Jun-2011): I have now seen the bullfinch. It was actually a male linnet:

Male linnet
Male linnet.

… Still a first for our garden, though!

Postscript 2 (11-Jun-2011): Erm… Turns out it was a bullfinch after all. I just spotted a pair of them on our bird table. Fantastic! Unfortunately, by the time I returned with my camera, they had gone.

… So, that's two new bird species in our garden in the same week! How good is that?

Postscript 3 (11-Jun-2011): I did eventually manage to get some bullfinch photos.