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Catching up (January 2014)

I haven't posted any updates here for a couple of months, but I have been visiting Burton Marshes pretty much every week. During this time, two storm-surges have flooded the marshes, introducing new temporary lakes—much to the delight of the local wildfowl. I've also managed to get quite close to a pair of stonechats on a number of occasions, and taken some pretty nice photos.

Anyhow, without further commentary, here is a selection of photographs from Burton Marshes over the last couple of months (in chronological order):

Flock of teal, Burton Marshes.

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A car makes a pretty good bird hide at times:


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Jinx bird finally sighted!

I was back at RSPB Burton Mere on Tuesday afternoon. The weather was abysmal, but that didn't matter, because I FINALLY saw my jinx bird!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 48 years on this planet, I saw my first water rail:

Water rail.

That's not all. I also managed to get some fairly close-up shots of a little egret and some snipe:

Little egret.

On the whole, I took some pretty good photos—especially of the little egret.

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Starlings and lapwings

Not to be outdone by the kestrel, the lapwings and starlings were also putting on a pretty decent display at Burton Marshes on Tuesday:

Starlings and lapwings.


I took another trip to Burton Marshes on Tuesday, and was rewarded with a prolonged hunting display from one of the local kestrels. The light conditions weren't ideal, but I managed to take some pretty nice photos (if I do say so myself):


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Mellow fruitfulness

I met my friend Carolyn for lunch at her home on the Wirral on Tuesday. The weather had been dreadful all morning, but the sun suddenly came out, so we decided to take her very reluctant dog for a walk.


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It's all starting to feel a bit back-endish, as they say in these parts.

A post near Burton Marshes on Tuesday.