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Molly is unimpressed

Dad had a late golf match, so I took Molly for a walk in Eastham Woods.

There were a couple of grey squirrels chasing each other high up in one of the hazels. I'm always astonished at how agile they are running up tree trunks. I can't imagine they would be any faster on the ground. This pair were spiralling round and round the trunk, up and down, as if gravity didn't exist.

For once, Molly was totally unimpressed by the squirrels. She was having too much fun rolling in leaves, and drinking from puddles in the roots of the beeches.

Invasive pest

On my way to Dad's, I stopped at the car park at Eastham Woods to admire the view across the Mersey.

Someone had placed some peanuts inside the hollow, wooden posts at the side of the car park, and the grey squirrels were having a field day:

Grey squirrel
Grey squirrel.

They are undoubtedly cute, but I am strongly of the opinion that this invasive species needs controlling (for which, read culling), if our native reds are to stand a chance.

But, instead, we feed them peanuts.


A walk in Eastham Woods with Dad and Molly. While the latter chased birds in the field, I photographed swifts screeching overhead. There were an awful lot of them.

A swift this evening.

Back at Dad's, a small flock of long-tailed tits was visiting the garden:

Long-tailed tit
A long-tailed tit slightly later this evening.

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